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Friday, March 23, 2007


I will re-posting all the works (matted) as selected for the Spring and Summer Exhibits.
Pre-sale will be available on line.



ANNA-LYS said...

Hi Dear,

Wonderful colours, but tell me don't You like it? Or why are You selling?

(( Love ))

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Anna-Lys

I loooove them.
I am one of those painters that "does not have a bad painting" (at least in my opinion) as I either destroy or rework them. lol

Once I have been inspired and painted/expressed my feelings, I symbolically gave birth - and then - it is no longer mine...

Why do I sell them?
(Must say, the question does strikes me a bit odd Anna-Lys, I am not quiet sure “why” you are asking…)

I am a full time artist. It is what we do. (Besides, there is no more room under beds or behind furniture. :) )

Also, some people want to buy them… have them in their homes, enjoy them
The same applies to writing, weaving, sculpture, pottery, etc., etc..
It has been going on for centuries…
Some of us create – others buy our creations. (Or, have financed our careers in some shape or form – supported financially our lifestyles.)
If this would not happen, few of us would be in the position to “just create”.

The fact that what I do gives me immense joy, does not detract from the reality that I have to make a living… otherwise, it would be a very self-indulging and expensive hobby - at least for me at the scale I am producing!

BUT, the joy/goal is to paint, express what is inside, rendering as accurate an interpretation of feelings/emotions/thoughts/ideas at the time of work/play that may/will evoke in the viewer the same or similar feelings as those of the artist.
When that happens, it acquires a new meaning, purpose – it is no longer mine.

The Exhibition and Sale, let’s say, are unavoidable “side effects”!

Hope to have answered to your satisfaction.
It turned out to be an interesting question to respond to, as I have not given it any serious thought.
Having sold many years ago privately and in a gallery of national reputation – by request – and, having also been at the art dealing end of things, one tends to just go with the natural flow. As in B after A…
But, there is always more to it than that – much more!

Thank you Anna-Lys
Big hug

"Angeldust" said...

I could not leave this response “as is”
Here is part of the “much more”

I believe that an artists, whom generally and hopefully lives “outside the box”, will see things form a rather different perspective than the average individual, and relates this perspective through the chosen artistic medium.

As the quote on the sidebar says: " The writer, when he is also an artist, is someone who admits what others don't dare reveal." Elia Kazan
It definitely says a lot about the “role” of the artist in our society through the ages.
Artists do greatly influence the shape of things I our lives.

For instance, this watercolour collection to be Exhibited this Spring and Summer is a very playful and mischievous one. There are no pretences of any kind of being anything but!
So, the “role” or reason was to share smiles and happy thoughts and feelings…

The one I am preparing and researching for the Fall and Winter (if on schedule - mine) is another story altogether.
It will be in acrylic, it will deal with all that is the “Sacred Feminine”.
Unlike this one, it is from the onset a very deliberate collection, not only to make the viewer think, but also to take action accordingly.
I feel very strongly about the topic and, I do not hear or see many women my age, with a certain experience addressing the matters at hand with positive influence on anyone. We have gone back to hide our heads in the sand.

If you recall I have written about it on my MischiefAngel blog during the Feminist Theology posts…

So, I hope to start a “revolution” of sorts – keep tuned!


(AND, you only asked "Why" - poor Anna-Lys...)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust,
with so many blogs
I never quite know which one you are blogging on

"Angeldust" said...

I am confused myself dear Q.

With the sunshine having come out I am once again camera crazy - but, focused on all the situations arising from the preparations for the shows.


Love dusties flowing to ya