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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Just finished and framed!

"Within" - mixed media 22 x 26" - frame

Moving forward.
Originally posted on June 7.07



"Angeldust" said...

You all remember this one!

Finally, I managed to find the appropriate glue for it...
quiet an adventure to "get it together" :)

One way or the other - I am very happy (and proud of) with the end results.

Annelisa said...

It looks grand, Angeldust!

"Angeldust" said...

thanks Annelisa,

it actually looks very "grown-up" under glass and framed

Margie said...

It's so beautiful!
Sorry it was not accepted....it should have been!
I'll be calling tonight (hope you are home)to find out happened in the lobby and on the way home.
Can't wait to hear it all!!!!

Got your email...can not reply to it....something wrong with my email today...Jeff will fix it tonight hopefully.

I know I am going to buy one of your wonderful paintings...can't decide on which one yet.

Take care my friend.
Talk soon.

Hugs and love!
Off to a ballgame now...a double hitter actually.


"Angeldust" said...

You know, I am quiet critical of my own work - some of us are - and frankly it was one of the top ones "in my very own subjective perception"...

That is what it boils down to anyway. There are so many dynamics involved in this type of things that form now on I will mind my own business and stay away from these "organized" groups.
Beginner’s luck I got to find out all of this so soon.

However, I totally forgot the "white mat rule", not surprisingly as I absolutely despise them, generally speaking they are an eye sore!!!!

Believe me, really, no harm done.
What can possibly be worst than the first “exhibit” fiasco!?

Another lesson learned. First and Last Time I Play this Little Game... anyway,
Will wait for your call dear Margie!


Margie said...

Hi dearest Alicia
Did you get to bed at a reasonable hour last night?
The gab fest was fun!
Can we talk? ....yes we can!!!!
Still can't send out emails.
Maybe Jeff will have time to check it tonight.

I was up late too....almost 1:30 AM.....was reading The Empty Nest....I think it might help me adjusting to my son leaving for college soon.....*SOBBBBBBBBZ!*
Speaking of my son....I'm off with Jake to cheer him on at another ballgame.

Talk soon.
Hope your day is going well!

P.S Has the rain stopped?
Much cooler here today, but very pleasant....
Sunny, with a light
cooling breeze....
A perfect day for baseball!

"Angeldust" said...

hi sweetie

I was up until late myself
did you get to read Rauf's post?

son? Jake? game?
for a sec there i had do a double take... hope they win

cloudy, dark all day, dry... dragging myself did go for "nordic walk"

empty nest?
how about the kama sutra instead?

have fun
take good care

Margie said...

Got your email.
Was just what I needed!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

oky-doky on the Kamu sutra then!

Love and BIG HUGS dear Alicia.

P.S I did read Rauf's post.

ANNA-LYS said...

I am caught within that amazing piece of art.

Have a Lovely Weekend!

(( hugs ))

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Anna-Lys - I am setting up a brad new show tomorrow... :)

Have a great week end yourself - big hug