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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A couple of rejects

Day Six

Day five

"Sheme's" original sketch

And, the Universe manifested our famed Tony O'Reagan
on Sunday (our last day) morn' by phone request of his brother:
"Come and meet a fellow artist..."
"They are painting the outhouse down at East beach... " lol
Tony also teaches Art at our very own Emily Carr Institute, Kwantleen College,
and other illustrious places...
Above, tweaking (by request) my stiff seagulls ...
Artists at play....
Finally, I got my wish of a belly ring!!!
I wish to thank each and every tourist and White Rock-ian that took the time to stop and share their opinion and express support, photograph us in all sort of contorted and "restricted" positions, all those drivers that hollered out their windows in approval and the children... ahhh, the children...
Thanks to the powers to be - Mat Todd - our City Councillor, Chair of this year's Festival of the Sea Committee and its members, City workers and, our "temporary neighbours" for welcoming us minutes into unloading out ladders on the first day for their warmth, and daily encouragement and joyful expressions and the ever so refreshing daily ice cream, courtesy of Heaven's angels Gelatto..
Last, but not least to three year old Ryan, whom after standing there in a silent pause enunciated very clearly and succinctly (to all our surprise, parents included) "This is a perfect painting".
Will be writing in detail with more pics sometime this week in
my www.MischiefAngel.blogspot.com
= Oops! Almost forgot Mt. Baker - it also got a lot of comments upon completion.


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