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Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Miss Stereotype" series and its secrets

"Miss Hortense Hoity"

"Miss Sally Sour"

"Miss Miriam Mysterious"

"Miss LaSavannah Saucy"

"Miss Darlah Darling"

"Miss Sadie Shady"

Stereotype or Archetype?
While honoring our instincts is imperative for a sane survival, how often are these first “impressions” accurate? How much do our preconceptions influence the outcome of our relationships/fleeting interactions?
The “MISS STEREOTYPE” Portrait Series, as well as “the girls” names were given deliberately, to clearly define what is that they represent.... However, do they? Perhaps, there might be room for other “truths”, – as with everything else there are always at a minimum four more options!

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