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Sunday, April 04, 2010

ReIntroducing "Semiahmoo Magic"

A Mixed-Media Limited Series

From humble beginnings, to an acrylic skin, to the
larger life... of a painting within a painting,
A novel technique, resulting unique works...

AB79 "Point Taken" 12x24"
acrylic and gold leaf

clock wise & upside down peek
AB89 "Tangerine Passages"45.5x50.5 cm
AB81 "Thunder Flush" 45.5x50.5 cm
AB72 "Serpentine Fire" 12X26"

Between coats.... up close,
L. AB78 "On the Rock" 12x24"
R. AB75 "Island Glow" 22.5x30 cm

First few coats of...
AB77 "Streaking Through the Bay" 12x14"

AB84 "Storm Brewing" 8x8"

AB83 "Twilight Point" 8x8"

AB74 "Strait Horizon" 12x12"

One of the prep stages.

AB86 "Midas Reach" 40.5x60.5 cm
* work in progress

AB86 "Luninaria" 45.5x50.5 cm
* work in progress

Currently showing 13 completed works at "The Chroma Divas" Exhibit, April 1 - 30 @ the White Rock and Region Arts Council Gallery, Windsor Square, South Surrey.
Tuesdays though Saturdays 10 to 4:30


bazza said...

I wish I could go to that exhibition but I will be back in Vancouver someday!

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

That would be nice...
Some day!
Wonderful thought.

bazza said...

Hi Alicia, please visit my blog to collect an award!

Bob said...

I like Point Taken best. I like the colouring in Storm brewing too.
Lucky you being able to enjoy your art so much.

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Thank you Bazza - "Facebooked" the entire Award Presentation with link - It was very kind of you!

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Thank you for leaving a comment Bob:

Mine too.
But, it is also the one that has photographed the best.
Rich colours and high gloss surfaces otherwise prohibit an accurate image - at least with my little Nikon.

Annelisa said...

Seriously love your pictures!

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Annelisa - it has been forever!
Nice to see you.
Thank you for leaving comments.
Big hug