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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Outside the Box: Projects

  "Strato§pheres" 2011 @ White Rock Museum and Archives
(Outside the Box Festival 2011)
The feet and little girl are photographic images by Pedro Blanco, Spain which were lifted onto an acrylic "skin" and later incorporated into the composition.

"Renaissance" and   "Strato§pheres" 2011

Mini-show @ White Rock Museum and Archives in conjunction with "Fibrefusion" (the threads that bind us)

"Fiberfusion" designed and curated by myself, with the works of 23 local and international artists working in this one mural in separate corners of the world...

The piece "Rags to riches" 1012 @ Community Centre
(Outside the Box Festival 2012)

 "Not quiet" 2013 @ White Rock Central Library
(Outside the Box Festival 2013)

And so... I leave with some jumble of ideas and the "to do or not to do" questions hovering in the pit of my stomach... :)

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