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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Outside the Box, this weekend! "Master Artist" Series at the WR Library

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All I knew about Medusa was what imagine most of us know... a character out of Greek Mythology with snakes  for hair... As I researched in preparation, in order to have a staring point (after viewing a large number of interpretations on line) some of them quiet fantastic and imaginative, some almost sublime as the GIFF of an all white face and snakes moving about...
Never the less this Medusa was (as all else) going be to totally mine.
As the story goes... not exactly pinpointing when it began, but sometime during the Iron Age and the Bronze one for sure, I decided to have some daggers representing the iron and the "mandatory shield" had be bronze..
As for the snakes, I decides that as many added to the story through time to make such convoluted outcome in its versions, I could contribute to it with my own take on snakes, with which I finally made peace with in their synthetic form!
The ring of fire represent "war" an its calamities and as often in ancient times fire was set to eliminate the enemy.
Athena's shield would be a "girly" one if left up to me... thus, colour became  important as in all my works they represent diverse powerful and protective energies...

Will be White Rock Library (Master Artist Series) Fri. & Sat. September 11& 12, 11:00AM - 4:00PM
The journey.... form the harebrained idea through the brink of disaster, this weekend at the Library... but, I think I resolved most of technical issues... Hopefully to satisfaction! 
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