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Thursday, May 05, 2016

#AuctionDay! Need Studio Space offers: Reducing prices - OBO

"Paloma" 18" x 24" giclee  acrylic retouched...
Bid starts at $ 400.00 (*RESERVE)
Leave your bids in "comments"

Jun. 04.16 - As I failed to have a footnote on this re-post. I will do so now. 
Paloma is a pastiche based on "Woman with necklace: by Modigliani, where she is actually sitting, one can hardly observe the necklace and wearing a dark dress. As I am often in the quest to "right wrongs" I felt it was time to stand and let be seen, as naturally as possible. The image is full of symbolism from the stones chosen to the pairing of doves. No, there is no bird in the original piece on on her head. That is only a "vision/perception" I had one day looking at it which. prompted me to paint this pice....

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