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Monday, October 09, 2017

The birth of a painting....

Some of the steps (or stops), in the birth of a painting:

"Intemezzo Giocoso" not quiet half way though completion

                                      "Intemezzo Giocoso" diptych, completed after about 300 hrs.

* I am sad to share that the original has been completely ruined in transportation but, a true size
copy still exists in Mexico City, where was last exhibited... (well taken care of)

Some in "the works, initial stages": Jungle Frogs I & II and Carnaval

Jungle Frogs I: acrylic in progress

Jungle Frogs II: acrylic in progress

Carnaval: acrylic in progress

*I am looking forward to reassume work on these last three pieces sometime this week

*Oct 6, 2017: While I worked on one of them for an afternoon, I feel the time has past to continue with these pieces, just might paint over them something that inspires me at the moment! :)

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