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Friday, March 07, 2008

Artist: Painter ~ Designer ~ Photographer ~ Writer
My hugely reduced

I was born in South America, where I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay until moving to Canada in 1969.

My main occupations were that of Simultaneous Interpreter, Translator, Consultant, Language Instructor and “Community Leader at Large” .

Painting and writing have been my eternal passion along with photography and almost anything creative that captures my attention and keeps me grounded – such as jewelry design and furniture refinishing, etc. …

I have indulged in my creative/artistic expression off and on throughout the years. At one point, I produced consistently enough to show and sell privately, as well as, in the mid/late 70’s, at the renowned (former) Agghazi Gallery of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

My medium throughout, has almost exclusively been oil, but in the past five years I have taken courses in acrylic and watercolour, which, currently I can’t leave alone.

After more than twenty years of on and off again painting, I recently made myself the commitment to paint “full time” from now on – this IS IT. I will also continuo with my other complementing passions of jewelry design and writing.

I am also still available to give Talks and Workshops - by request only at this point - on a number of Self-Help topics relating to personal growth and development, thus reaching out to others and sharing my life experiences and findings… life as art/art as life.

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iamnasra said...


This is great info many thanks for sharing with us

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WOW to you Nasra,
you might be the only one that has scrolled this far...

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Plus Ultra said...

WOW, WOW, Way to go Lady! You are awesome!

"Angeldust" said...

Well, I see that two of the most verbally gifted people I know, also use WOW!

This will permanetly stop any remorse I might feel when expressing myself with a "WOW"

Thanks for the "awesome" - the body is actually "feeling it all" quiet accutely ... :)

Got some oitment and pills today in hopes to alleviate all the aches and pains - age does kind of creep up on one - I am finding...