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Friday, March 07, 2008

A few Endorsements and fresh Reviews ...

..... " "We are all exiles from the First Eden, we can never go home again, the cherubims with flaming swords will deny us entry. But we can take a journey to a secondary but real Eden constructed by aesthetic magic. Alicia's Paper Batik Paintings are a tantalizing hint of that Second Eden. Her pictures have the quality of Eve-before-the-Apple innocence, there are no complicated serpent images, no odd fig leaf shapes.

The paintings are the dreams that Eve dreamt when she was still a rib. The colours shout the joy of an Adam roused from his slumbers. And the colours are baptismally fresh, Eve white fusing with Adam yellow, twig brown growing into a bud green, moon silver welcoming a twilight grey. The Batik lines are the rope of a nine year old girl skipping in a secret garden she has accidentally discovered. And as I look at the paintings posted on her blog, I say in my heart, "Yes, I know Eden again, but now as a sophisticated paradise, not a naive one and in knowing it discover it was never at any moment totally absent from us!" (Chad Walsh)
Alicia aka Angel is that cherubim who sheathed her sword to take up the paint brush................Amen & Amen!" - Kianseng, 22 February 07,

"Ah you are enjoying life dearest Angel ! We experience your joy and freedom through your work." - Rauf, March 24.07,"

"They are so cheerful, so bright.. flowing, alive. I look at them and I simply smile... feeling lighter. I think they are radiant!" - Katie, March 24.07

"Pretty awesome. I love it, Angel Dust. You down a beauty with "Arenosa"". November 18, 2006 - JQ/United Kingdom

"It's even lovelier in reality and it did look awesome on the screen.
You can rest easy now. I'm going to find an amazing frame for it."
November 17,2006 - AM/Ontario, Canada

"You have evolved as a person and as an artist. Imagination talent and creativity was already there in you Angeldust. Your confidence level has gone up due to your new way of thinking and you have emerged as an excpetional artist." November 16, 2006 - R/India

"I love the painting Alicia. It is splendid. I was so thrilled to receive it yesterday, and escaped squeal made it's way out when i saw it :)
Lovely, truely. Thank you. Can't wait to frame it!" October, 14, 2006 MK/Saskatchewan, Canada

Sat, 10 Mar 2007
Subject: Look at my post today.....
(Mimi does it again - with music this time!)

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Plus Ultra said...

Did I write that? I must have!!! I like what I have written because it was a tribute from the heart!!!kianseng,blessing you and yours today!

"Angeldust" said...

Yes, you did indeed...
I thought it was quiet a piece myself...
I am glad you like it all these months later.

I believe you wrote it for the profile link at multiply...

Yeah... quiet "jazzy" I'd say - lol

Bug Hug