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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Young Heart series

"Dream a little stream" 8.75x11.75" watercolour paper batik

"Sapo cancionero"
8.75x11.75" watercolour paper batik

"Dream a Little Dream"

8.75x11.75" watercolour paper batik

"Somethin' fishy s goin on"

16x20" watercolour batik

"Childhood Chapel"
11.5 x 15" watercolour


Annelisa said...

'Great View from Here, Mum' fair jumped out at me - beautiful and brilliant! And, again, 'Red Winged Butterfly'. But I also liked the top two of this collection to... it seems like a different sort of collection than the others? More based in the 'real'?

Sandy said...

I'm loving the art here.

"Angeldust" said...

Annelisa dearest,

the chapel is a simpler/cmaller version of my bosrding school cxhapel, indeed very real the other one... ?
can't figure out out which one you are refering to

I noticed frogs froliking on your blog now!


PS: these very same were used as a symbol for the Surrey Childrens Festival this past week - spent yesterday "face painting" oozles of kids!

"Angeldust" said...


It brings a lot of gladness to my heart to know that my work has an effect on others... :)

Thank you for lettingme know.

Love and joy -A-