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Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Meditation" series

"Harmony Space"
8x14" watercolour batik

"Sacred Tribal Space"
8X14" multi-media/watercolour paper batik

8X14" multi-media/watercolour paper batik

8X14" multi-media/watercolour paper batik

The Triangle was an inevitable image choice; I love threes and the asymmetry it brings to any space/situation.
Three/trilogy, a sacred number which “constructive/light side”, presents the vibrations of artistic expression, the joy of living, freedom from worry, optimism, inspiration, talent and imagination. Good taste, sociability, friendliness, kindness.

The Heart, a clear choice as it represents love, most of us are appreciative of what a heart conveys, in our popular culture.

The Circle had to also be included as a major component of all that relates to me, and all I relate to … There is something about it that reminds me of a warrior’s shield. While working with it, I felt a deep/primitive call back to the basic - the genetically encoded “tribal” ways… in the very quiet of the moment I could even hear the rhythmic beat of the drums... or, it was just my heart?

The colours, a favorite progression summon immediatetly Colour and Chakra energies.

The gold, silver and copper leaf icon at the bottom, was placed there to quietly reinforce the larger image/passage/meditation – as a grounding “force”… Gold, being a sacred hue, contributes also its power of illumination, love, self-esteem, courage and passion. Also light, sun – solar magic and fire, as well as prosperity and wisdom. Silver, the Moon Goddess! Copper...

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QUASAR9 said...

Looks more and more like an online advertising site every day. Ahh the magic world of e-bay and online shopping
So Angel Dust, how's tricks.

"Angeldust" said...

Oh yes my dear Q - it does!

Shamelessly and unapologetically.

- I consider this blog an on line studio-gallery with works for sale... as much as AngelDust Creations is for my jewelry.

Got the idea from various other artists that have not set up a website for those purposes yet.
Candidly, life is a journey we all walk the way we need to.

Hope that friends will look past it.

I will also share with you that I cannot afford to have such extravagant a hobby, as much as I love to!
The longer they sit - the more “costly” they become.

Anything outside/above artistic expression is an awful drain to me; a necessary evil at this point - this technology suits me well at the moment

My other blogs cover my varied interests where I share – very often deeply – for free, from myself…

Do forgive me if the response is long winded and somewhat “edgy” – I have worked long-long hours giving myself to them, often in physical pain and with considerable financial investment to let the comment just go… with a chuckle perhaps?

I find the works mean a lot to me and deserves to be treated with respect, starting with myself…

Besides, I am proud of what I have accomplished this past year – all born form me and a product of my efforts – as I said above: Shamelessly and unapologetically.

Love and blessings flowing your way dear Q