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Monday, September 01, 2008

Lantern Festival - August 30 - Hollad Park - Surrey, BC. A Fun Community Project

(Blue Ring Octopuses)
The "Octopedes" Installation in situ
for the Wandering Angels Lantern Festival and its journey
click on pic to enlarge
. Work Station No.52... or, did just felt like it?

Enjoyed the detail... oh, let me just say it - the glitter stuff!

eight days to go...

Three days to go. "The Dream Team": Tim, Kaitlin, Jessica and Tyrell
helping glue on the countless rings... :) Thank you!

"The Dream Team": Karen - Thank you!

"The Dream Team " : Johnny, that's the spirit - Thank you!
(He gets around on in the scooter seen in background)

Octavia's "enchanted" shell

Little Octave's "enchanted" shell

One of the Artistic Directors and, now "Guardian and Godmother" Carrie Campbell
. "The Dream Team": Juliet, self-labeled "apprentice"
Thank you so much for your support and hours of hands on help,
including seaweed lantern making, when we could have been down at the beach!

Proud "mom"

The actual breathtakingly beautiful little critter - the blue ringed octopus - that inspired it all
all 2 and 1/2" of it! - A Google search pic!

my lantern... a little closer to the truth - lol!

This is another experience that came to an end, bringing with it new knowledge, acquaintances, friendships and all sorts of possibilities .
I learned how to do/work with paper-mache and lost my fear of chicken wire about three weeks into it, as well as realizing that glue was truly a friend! lol
Once that "hesitation" overcome, the road was clear for the "people/community" experience... how wonderful to be able to gather just to "build" - a lot of layers go into that word at this time as I observed and experienced that a lot more than lanterns were being built in that studio that at times turned out to be tiny and overflowing with hard working people of all ages; exploring, creating, anticipating, sharing, giggling and just being overjoyed by the finished projects of one another.
Great Project - all around - Thank you for all the efforts and support of your staff, for the opportunity and, last but not least congratulations City of Surrey for taking the step to create, what I hope will be a "growing into the park" yearly event!
(In a week or so, I will be removing this post and placing it in the "August 08" archives for it to be accessed with all the other Wandering Angels Lantern Festival posts.)

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