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Friday, January 11, 2008

The secret behind the painting

"Nautilus Eye"
While rather different, this watercolour is closely related to the previous one, as I was still exploring the intense vibrancy of the chakra's primary colours but, with what will come to be a reoccurring theme in my work - the spiral ... an ancient symbol of evolution, one of the oldest pagan symbols in existence. It represents the cycle of the seasons and the cycles of Life, growth and change. Although each loop of the spiral brings us back to the same place, it takes us to a higher and more evolved level at each turn.

In this case, I began painting from the "dark eye/centre" (Eight Chakra for some) of the imaginary energy spiral. I felt it was the only way to apply colour/energy in this work; from the dark recess of the deep centre to the sharp light and vibrant openness at the edges - such is our imagination/perception, always allocating places for things and symbols, people, etc. ...

Purple is the colour that took centre stage for me. Purple represents the seventh Chakra - our relationship with the divine, beauty, creativity inspiration. Purple enhances artistic talent and creativity.

The blue, and the green in particular (as well as in "Energy") have come to be strongly represented. Blue symbolizing intellect, wisdom, intuition, mysticism, understanding and the green love, forgiveness - balance self control.

Orange was, somehow in this case, perceived as a gift of life, warm embracing gentleness .... (prominent in another way in "Energy)

It is not an accident that these colours came about in the measure they did; I have been in a quest of evolving into a better human being, one with boundless love, understanding and forgiveness...

Forgiveness being something that I practice, and practice, and practice and don't seem to master to any satisfactory degree, as sometimes I surrender and state: God may forgive them... I obviously can't. This, actually has more to do with my inability to "forget" than forgiving - because I believe in my mind and heart that I do, yet, I am filled with doubts when I do not want to be around certain people ever again in my life!

Which, brings me to having to accept that I am not perfect, and in need of a couple more re-incarnations to get it all right! lol

I also kept this one as "my other original signature painting"...
I named it "Nautilus Eye" simply because I made an "almost" subconscious association with the shell, and therefore saltwater, and a huuuuuuuuuuge number of other "impressions" relating to the spiral and water...
If you look carefully at how the colours flowed into one another , you cannot avoid thinking of water and
.... the interrelatedness of it all!

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