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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Secret Behind the Painting


= =
This is one of the first watercolour paintings that I was attempting, experimenting with in August of 2006.
This is a wet- on - wet execution...
Which brings smiles on as I think about the process.
I wanted to convey the energy and power of the chakras.
Although seldom chakra power is referred to as "explosive" power, as I was dipping into these primary colour I was feeling the exploding potency of each colour taking over as it run, puddled and seeped into the paper.
At one point they acquired a life of their own and, the red very symbolically "took over", flowing outward to the edges as it "turned" into a golden diffusion.
Red is the colour of the first chakra (energy centre) - of beginnings, vitality, courage, self-confidence - everything that needs to be connected, needs the life vitality of red!
The spontaneous run off into orange that turned into the lovely golden/amber hues at the ("North and South") edges of the painting represent the second and third chakras - money, sex, power, confidence and self-esteem, clarity, wisdom - this colours connect us to our senses and help remove inhibitions and make us independent and social and, it is believed, they enhance our ability to perceive and understand!
This is a small painting that looks and feels, absolutely loaded and huge.
I kept it for myself as one of my signature paintings from the get-go.
It spoke (shouted?) of my deep wants and needs to "explode" into a new life cycle.
I still find myself looking at it in awe and feeling its power prompting me to expand, evolve... it is definitely a strongly motivating and empowering image - as of today, it sits on my desk.

I am just beginning to research the symbology allocated to the cardinal points... :)


Pauline said...

Thank you for the explanation. This is very pleasant to read as I have just completed Reiki One. I find it most relaxing. Please do keep your powerful painting upon your desk for it feeds you with those unseen energies. Sending a smile your way ☺

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I call it the soul of the sun...crying ...


"Angeldust" said...

Hello Pauline
So kind, nice of you to leave a message here as I have been around this blog most of the time - for obvious reasons....

(Big HUg)

"Angeldust" said...

A very interesting - poigniant take dear Nasra - definitely that of a poet!