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Monday, February 04, 2008


Interesting how it all is "theology related"...
Those of you familiar with my sojourns into the field know well how I allow myself to trace the root of a lot of our ills to rigid and outdated/erroneous theology... So, whenever I have an opportunity to share in the fresh "outside the box" thinking of others, I jump at the opportunity.
The weekend was at a minimum a delight - as it was a joy to also hear ideas from prairies' visitor the Rev. Dr. Bob Hoverluck and his soul touching cartoon humor and, a group of local artists sharing our own social commentary/works - loved it all!

Bob Haverluck - outrageous cartoonist/political theologian/humble pastor - sharing wisdom through the images and words of his cartoons - and his engaging, gentle and warm discourse.
My favorite of his originals on exhibit - still available for sale!
- James L. Adams - encouraging us to share our (so very individual) perceptions on his work...
The invisibility of "women of a certain age" and, the moment "before the inevitable".
Margaret McLaughlin with her take on a local group of "Raging Grannies" and, on the right - "homelless-nes" depicted in a now all familiar to all back alley cardboard dwelling...
Don Hutchinson and to the left Musician/Poet ......... (?) Never again in my life I will look at a pottery item the same way! Don gave soul/life to clay and meaning to the "hollow spaces protected by it" ...

Dehai Wang - an accomplished artist and inventor, showing us his very original invention already popular in China - the mobile frame... now we can hang'em form the ceiling
it got us artists all speculating and finding uses for it as soon as it is available in our market!

Deborah J Putman explaining to us how her own journey/spiritual quest brought about this mixed media installation, up for the visit of the Dalai Lama a couple of years ago.
The work embracing all mayor religions - and those not so recognized - in a circle that includes a walking labyrinth as well as multicultural/discipline musical accompanyment... a truly Sacred Space!
Moi, sharing on how "the girls" came about; feeling compelled to comment on not only how prevalent and acceptable it is in our society to pass judgement, but also how cruel it is to either covertly or overtly act on such most likely erroneous assessments...
I love the slight shifts in thinking and feeling that come about gently, in the company of independent minds
The weekend event - "The Artist's Re-reading of the Bible as God's defense of the world"
was organized by the White Roch First United Church


Margie said...

Alicia, dear
It must have been a wonderful experience to be there among all those other artists.
I am happy to have gotten a nice view of it here from your post!

Thanks so much for sharing the joys of your weekend experience here!

And, it was a "joy" to speak this morning...so glad you are my friend!
It means a great deal to me!

HUGS my dear!

P.S Love the picture of you!

Artist Market said...

Delightful and generous as always Margie - thank you my dear, thank you!


Margie said...

Thinking of you today!
Have a beautiful day!


Wanderin' Weeta said...


I just discovered your blog last night, Googling for information about Elizabeth Hollick for my blog post, In the Courtyard of the Goddess of Joy, about her mural near the White Rock pier.

I love your blog, and your work; it almost inspires me to begin painting again! I have subscribed to the blog, so will be checking in regularly from now on.

Is there a local (White Rock) gallery where your work can be seen "in person"?

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.

You have a lovely blog yourself; must say we have similar tastes and interests... I have a couple more blogs that I have neglected somewhat of late...

Thank you also for your interest in viewing my work. I have a studio-gallery by appointment here in White Rock but, also have some works at Heaven's Angeles Gelato on East Beach, Marine drive, across from the "Mermaids at Play" mural.
And, at Awakenings and Gifts up on Russell - where I got a number of my labyrinths - being a metaphysical shop and all :)
Will be exhibiting at out library in June.

Love and joy

Anonymous said...

yes... amazing text!