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Friday, August 30, 2019



Monday, October 09, 2017

The birth of a painting....

Some of the steps (or stops), in the birth of a painting:

"Intemezzo Giocoso" not quiet half way though completion

                                      "Intemezzo Giocoso" diptych, completed after about 300 hrs.

* I am sad to share that the original has been completely ruined in transportation but, a true size
copy still exists in Mexico City, where was last exhibited... (well taken care of)

Some in "the works, initial stages": Jungle Frogs I & II and Carnaval

Jungle Frogs I: acrylic in progress

Jungle Frogs II: acrylic in progress

Carnaval: acrylic in progress

*I am looking forward to reassume work on these last three pieces sometime this week

*Oct 6, 2017: While I worked on one of them for an afternoon, I feel the time has past to continue with these pieces, just might paint over them something that inspires me at the moment! :)

Friday, September 01, 2017

OUTSIDE THE BOX _ White Rock 2017

I will be having a selection of watercolours @ Mind and Matter Art Gallery for this month of OTB Celebration of Fibre

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Few Days

Of our "5 Nuts and a Squirrel Creative Ensemble" Show and Sale
White Rock City PopUP Gallery
1459B Johnson Rd.

We still have something for everyone taste.
Don't miss the opportunity to purchase great works in various mediums to fit your home and lifestyle

Bellow: small sample of delights.

Mixable Murals - Bryce Willushaw

Analog B&W photos; Shavannah Chanel

Up-cycled hand made jewelry - Kat Siemens

Up-cycled hand made, home decorating items, handbags and wraps- Kat Siemens

Colour photos - Alicia M B Ballard

"Medusa" Acrylic-Mixed media - Alicia M B Ballard

Ink and giclées... - Alicia M B Ballard

*We also got a bin of works on assorted works of varying sizes  under $55.00

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


There will be a third and final reading this 
Sunday, June 18, 1:30PM
@ the White Rock PopUP Gallery
1459B Johnson Rd, White Rock

Do not miss the opportunity to support this No Kill Shelter
By donating $5.00 towards 1 of 5 original paintings Draw

Well socialized dogs welcome to join us!

Friday, June 09, 2017


This SUNDAY AFTERNOON - June 11 - 1:30PM
An Encore reading of DOG TAILS (TALES?)
Hosted by myself: Alicia M B Ballard
Public is invited to participate (with their socialized pets) in this fundraising event for LAPS.
Draw of 5 originals works by each of us, are going to drawn with 100% of the proceeds going towards to No Kill Shelter.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Up Next Week:

@ "5 Nuts and a Squirrel" Pop Up Gallery
1459B Johnston Road, White Rock, BC

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tonight: Opening Event & Show's Daily Program

 5 Nuts and a Squirrel are proud to invite you to our 
Opening event, Tonight 7:00 - 9:00PM

Our Schedule of events for the coming weeks

Our Gallery Hours are:

TUES:    12:00 - 8:00PM
WED.:   12:00 - 8:00PM
THUR.:  12:00 - 8:00PM
FRI.;       12:00 - 8:00PM
SAT.:       12:00 - 6:00PM
 SUN.:     12:00 - 6:00 PM

Saturday, April 22, 2017

"Pas de deux" - acrylic

"Pas de deux" started as a little "study" on paper for "Two peas in in a pod and evolved into this work mounted on double canvas (a thing of mine) including little critters (details bellow) inhabiting the vine...
Some of the pic are better than others are the light and highly reflective surface (I love high gloss finishes to "intensify" colour) which, in turn becomes a hindrance to good pics given my humble "equipment".

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Down memory lane..

By sharing/posting my nudes I hope to contribute clarity to what is obviously to some of us a very murky perception.
These works have all been executed for one event or the other, most for "International Women's Day" exhibits in Europe and elsewhere...

"Thorn" - Giclee.
A play of words in my mind. "Torn by thorns". This woman is clearly distressed, nude/raw to herself and the world. She is trapped by many "vines = obligations/loyalties"  her heart has been thorn from her body disposed, thrown on the ground. And who the hell would focus on her nakedness???
Still, many obviously did - as after touring various  Universities in Colombia, in transport back  to Spain, under "not so clear circumstances",  the original  vanished along with some other 700+ works. It has been claimed they have been confiscated for being deemed "pornographic". Fortunately, the photo image was not lost and the (retouched) giclee still live with us. One of my favourites!

"El pajarito/The birdie" triptych
Yes. "that birdie"... ( the blue bird of happiness) A mature woman having discarded her inhibitions is free to think about her sexuality and her "imperfect body" - not to be ever taken by any swine (up from left corner chewing pearls, although I felt a wild boar was more appropriate in this case)
but by her own choice, wherever she feel comfortable. She now lives comfortably in Basque country, with a friend.

"Paloma" - (now lives in Mexico City)
 This is a "pastiche" (meaning: copy - not really). Anyway it was inspired by Modigliani's Woman in Black.
A very dour looking woman in a buttoned up to the neck dress, sitting in a dimly lit room.
I decided to do the opposite. give her life, options and the possibility of love symbolized by the doves. Again, accepting herself and her dreams...
(Which, incidentally, I "saw" one morning on a table top art book cover I would daily glance into. She now resides in Mexico City.

Ah, the mural at the beach! "Mermaids at Play", was very popular... among all ages.
Although there was some "concern expressed" by some at her not being young and skinny, the public embraced her and voiced their delight and even gratitude for my option.
 I happenedto have taken this photo of this  couple taking wedding pics in front of it. Could have not been more delighted they included her...

So, I named her "Sheme".

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hungarian Folk Design

I have taken some creative licence during the painting process... not much, but enough to be notices by connoisseurs.
In preparation for our

Friday, March 10, 2017

5 Nuts and a Squirrel: Art, Fashion, Function Fusion

We are preparing for an upcoming event taking place SOON!

We are in the process of posting a selection of items and unique events to be available to the Lower Mainland and anyone who ventures around our White Rock.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Here come the Individually designed T's

*Work In Progress
I am so looking forward to finish this one and paint more T's....
Wearable art feels to satisfy my "need" for a practical purpose, if there is such thing!




Detail (front)

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

"Medusa" - is looking for a home!

Medusa” $3.800.-

Acrylic/Mixed Media 4' x 5' on canvas
Very briefly:
Medusa’s story slightly varies in time and depending of whom the narrator is.Often contradictory, her stories gravitate between victim and villain. A guardian and protectress, representing birth and earth. Medusa ultimately “became” a monster, a Gorgon with a hideous face and living venomous snakes in place of hair. Greek mythological figures came to life during the Iron and Bronze Ages. Medusa was known for her mesmerizing beauty and was turned into a monster by Athena in a fit of jealousy; apparently Medusa (also had) made love with her brother in Athena’s Temple - the last straw!.Anyone looking at the ravishing Medusa would turn into stone! Eventually, Perseus, after a prolonged and convoluted journey managed to approach her from the rear (with the help of some local witches) and, decapitated her. He later handed Medusa’s head to Athena to place it on her shield. However, this is where it becomes even more complicated as Pegasus was her son, some stories say Pegasus came/flew out of the wound inflicted on her neck while being decapitated by Perseus.
The ring of fire represents war and calamities, as ofter in ancient time fire was set to eliminate the enemy. Dagger and shield representing both the iron and bronce age respectively. In classical antiquity the image of Medusa appears in evil averting devises know as Gorgonion.... (Which, is not a Gargoyle). It took over a year of a succession of discarded plans to complete this work.
Torn between the concepts of “beauty and ugliness” I eventually decided to obscure her face in order to solve my dilemma and also to spare us all from turning to stone.


Sharing my OTBWR Festival pieces in the "Wood Diamonds & Other Eccentricities Show and Sale

@ out Outside the Box (White Rock) venue in the White Rock, BC 

Community Centre Gallery : 

until the end of September, please consult operation hours at:http://outsidetheboxwhiterock.blogspot.ca

“The Pond I & 2”                                 $ 150.-
Diptych   (pair)                                              $ 275.- 

8”x 8” acrylic on wood canvas.
(They can be potentially hanged in 8 different positions)

“UNIQUE”                                            $ 275.-

10”x12”x Acrylic/Mixed on birchwood canvas.

“Gyrothrone”                       $ 475.-
Oak chair, Acrylic/mixed - gold leaf
"Varathaned" for regular use (in an eclectic foyer?)

“ISLAND GLOW”                                 $575.
 9”x12” Acrylic/Mixed, on birchwood canvas
 incorporating a 4”x8” acrylic skin.

“TANGERINE PASSAGES”            $ 1225.-
16” X 20”, with a small original 4”x8” canvas 

incorporated into the rework of a larger piece.

“THUNDER FLASH”                       $ 1350.-
16‘X20” Acrylic/Mixed on birchwood canvas
incorporating a 4” x 8” stretch canvas 

“Zipped up”                    $215.-

14” X 23” Mixed media on board. 

“PEACE”                   $250.-
8.25” x 22.5” acrylic/mixed on particle board

“KOY”                                $ 975.-

14”x18” Acrylic on canvas board mounted

on a 24”x28”

“Medusa”                                 $3800.-
Acrylic/Mixed Media 4' x 5' on canvas

“The Pond 3 & 4”                                 $125.-

Diptych   (pair)                                    $ 225.- 

6”x 6” acrylic-mixed on canvas.
(They can be potentially hanged in 8 different positions)

Each and everyone of them has a "story", do not hesitate to make enquiries....